Handwriting Development Skill Resources

Handwriting Development Skill Resources:

This page offers handwriting development resources to help you guide children in their mastery in therapy, schools, and at home.

These resources are offered in addition to those you will find on the Handwriting With Katherine site.


Articles and Resources available for download:




PINGO Game with Rules

Simply fill in the letter or number formations that your student is working on in the spaces provided.



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vision assessment schedule by hooptometrist
Photo Credit: https://hooptometrist.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/parents-must-know-childs-vision/

A Vision and Eye-Care Professional Primer

for Occupational Therapists


A printed version of this article is available here.










5 Reasons Why Handwriting

Needs a Good Seat

5 Reasons Why Handwriting Needs a Good Seat
5 Reasons Why Handwriting Needs a Good Seat












Handy Handwriting Visuals

Handy Handwriting Visuals











Information about Telehealth:

We have been successful with providing services via Telehealth.  Take a peek at Abby as she completes an amazing session as she works toward mastery!


Click on the "screen" to link to Abby's Video!
Click on the “screen” to link to Abby’s Video!









Seven Steps for A Successful Telehealth Road Trip

Seven Steps for a Successful Telehealth Road Trip

AOTA National Convention 2014 Baltimore, MD

Katherine J. Collmer, M.Ed., OTR/L Handwriting With Katherine






Visual Resources:

Click on the photos for a slide show of skills!

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