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Handwriting With Katherine shares her work with therapists, teachers, and parents.

Over the years, I have had the honor of sharing my knowledge and expertise with therapists, teachers, and parents on the web and in print publications.  My recent venture was the publication of my “Occupational Therapy Tips” in the teachers’ manuals of a nationally recognized handwriting program.  I have enjoyed networking with other therapy professionals, as well as many handwriting and educational enthusiasts, and I offer my work to you here!


Handwriting Development Assessment and Remediation:  A Practice Model for Occupational Therapists

Universal Handwriting Series, published by Universal Publishing:  Katherine’s OT Tips

 Articles Published on Professional Sites:

Mama OT: Do We Need To Worry About Touch Screen Babies?

Playing With Words 365: It’s Never Too Early To Think About Handwriting Part 1 and Part 2

The Child Development Club  –  Life is a Series of Baby Steps Blog

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips:  It’s The Little Things That Make life BIG!  A Guest Post to Celebrate OT Month

OT Cafe:  A Day in the Life:  Telehealth and Handwriting  A Guest Post to Celebrate OT Month

Therapy Fun Zone Newsletter:

 Cursive Clubs: Moving Handwriting From Fine Motor to Functional

Motor Planning Made Easy

Handwriting Depends Upon a Solid Base of Support!

Body Language is a Work of Art!

Do You See Me Now? I’m Figure-Ground Discrimination!

Do Occupational Therapists DO Handwriting?

 OT Month: Meaning and Mindfulness: Occupational Therapists as Mindful Mentors

 Cursive Handwriting’s Link to the Leaning Tower of Literacy

What is it about cursive that can make us crazy?


Handwriting Struggles in Older Children (Part 1)

Handwriting Struggles in Older Children (Part 2)

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